TRONITY Cost Management

Complete cost transparency for your electric vehicle

TRONITY´s cost management provides a complete overview of all your charging and fixed costs at any time.
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Automatic charging log

Each battery charge is automatically documented. Find out what your electric vehicle is really using and costing you.really consumes and costs
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Smart management of fixed costs and schedules

All important documents in one place. Whether insurance costs, receipts or dates for maintenance – in your personal "Glove Box" you have everything in view.
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Goodbye OBD, hello TRONITY

For our Cost Management, you don't need an OBD plug or any other hardware. Simply register online and off you go.
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Seamless documentation with your charging log

Where, when, how much and at what cost: TRONITY`s charging log automatically records all charges of your car. Stay informed at any time what happens to your battery, and how your driving behavior affects consumption.

All contracts & vouchers at a glance

In your "Glove Box", you can store all relevant documents of your EV: Insurance contributions, car club memberships, maintenance appointments and any other important dates. With TRONITY everything is in one place.
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One-click data export

No more complicated accounting or paper chaos: Your load and vehicle data are automatically evaluated, graphically prepared, and can be exported easily. Create your individual reports and cost overviews so refunds become child's play.

TRONITY – Smart analysis tool for your e-vehicle!

Everything you want to know: TRONITY enables you to monitor the condition of your battery, analyze your driving behavior and finally get full cost transparency thanks to documentation of your charging and maintenance costs.
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Hear from our community

TRONITY convinces users from over 45 countries - and the number grows every day. And for good reason.
Portrait photo of Nico from Germany
„When I charge my car at a friend's house, I can easily balance the amount based on the overview of charging costs.”
Portrait photo showing Dirk Bergel from North-Rhine Westphalia
Dirk Bergel
NRW, Germany
„My favorite thing is to enter my business trips directly in the app as soon as I park my car. This way I always keep the logbook up to date and avoid work piling up.‟
Portrait photo showing Martin Dubovny from Baden-Wuertemberg
Martin Dubovy
Baden-Württemberg, Germany
„The automation of recurring trips with pre-filled values reduces the maintenance effort to an absolute minimum.‟
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430 Mil.
Kilometers driven processed

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1.19 GWh
battery capacity

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20 video reviews

Now on our

Why a digital Cost Management for EVs?

Private user

Rediscover your e-mobility – and optimize it

Vehicle Insights gives you full access to all data of your e-car. This allows you to evaluate and redefine your own e-mobility. With Vehicle Insights you are not only able to transition to transparent electromobility, but also to more conscious and sustainable driving.
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Employees with company cars

Use your e-car efficiently and save costs

Whether during private use or business trips: a resource-saving driving style  always pays off. With TRONITY, separating private use from business travel is child's play. Compare your EV with other models and find your optimized driving style. We support you in claiming your THG- quota – whether for personal or business use.
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Fleet managers in companies

Your entire e-fleet in one dashboard

You manage many vehicles for your company? With TRONITY you keep track of everything that happens with your fleet: Mileage, consumption, charging processes. Thanks to our Vehicle Diagnostics Report, you can also identify potential issues at an early stage and react accordingly.
Fleet management with TRONITY
Icons, die das Kostenmanagement eines E-Autos für Flottenmanager in Unternehmen mit TRONITY zeigen

Get TRONITY – 14 days for free!

No OBD plug, no frills. Just register your EV and start immediately. Try it free for 14 days now!

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Can I use TRONITYs Vehicle Insights no matter which car I drive?

In our support area you will find a list of currently supported vehicles.If your vehicle is not yet supported or no online connection is available, data can also be updated manually.Important: Not all manufacturers / vehicles can display the same data.

Where does TRONITY get all the displayed data and information from?

TRONITY obtains data from various sources, including:
-Through the vehicle's online connection (Connectivity Services), which allows access to vehicle data. The vehicle's access data is required for this.
- If an online connection is not available, data maintenance can also be done manually.
-Public and private databases for additional information such as charging infrastructure and traffic.
-User data, such as vehicle usage and personal preferences.
-Third-party APIs, e.g., from charging infrastructure providers and weather services.
Detailed information can be found in our Privacy policy.

What do I need to consider during installation?

If you want to use TRONITY, you don't need to install any hardware like OBD plugs or the like. All you need to do is register on our TRONITY platform, connect your vehicle and off you go.

Can my vehicle data also be entered manually?

Yes, in case of data connection interruption (e.g. at border crossings or poor internet connection from the car) you can also enter your vehicle data such as battery capacity, mileage and consumption manually.

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