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Efficient, transparent, intuitive: fleet management has never been so easy.
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Graphic shows the dashboard of the TRONITY Fleet solution for fleet management
Fleet management for EVs

Your fleet. Your data: Rethink your fleet management. With TRONITY.

In conjunction with the TRONITY driver app, TRONITY Fleet enables you to control your entire electric fleet from a central cockpit. Mileage, vehicle status, cost overview – all just a few clicks away.
For your EV fleet

Fleet management 4.0: less effort, more transparency

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Saves time

Battery status, mileage, CO₂ balance: TRONITY Fleet gives you access to all important functional data of your entire fleet at any time.
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Creates transparency

TRONITY Fleet provides you with a perfect overview of your operating costs: All trips, charging processes and routes of your vehicles are automatically recorded.
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Reduces costs

Fleet manager as a side job? With TRONITY Fleet, the additional task becomes child's play – so you have more time for your main responsibilities
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Prevents fraud

In your cockpit, you can precisely trace every charging of all your fleet vehicles. Strange refund requests and excessive charging card bills become a thing of the past.
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Simplifies installation

TRONITY Fleet is a software-only solution, based on our driver app. The setup takes just a few minutes – no hardware needed.
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Grows dynamically

Just like our driver app, we continuously develop TRONITY Fleet and keep adding new features, for free.

How it works

TRONITY Fleet works best in combination with our driver app, which captures all driving data. This data is then consolidated in your fleet manager cockpit. The data transfer happens fully automatically and is 100% GDPR-compliant.

From €5 per month per vehicle

We offer the right service package for every fleet size. Whatever you choose: The TRONITY Driver App is always included in the price.
TRONITY Fleet at work

Why fleet managers love TRONITY

No more endless Excel sheets, no more handwritten logbooks full of gaps and inconsistencies – with TRONITY Fleet, managing your electric vehicle fleet is easy and efficient.

Efficient fleet management

Where are your vehicles currently located, what is the condition of the battery and when are the next inspections due? In your TRONITY Fleet dashboard, all this information is just a few clicks away. You can keep an eye on your fleet at all times – and have more time for your other tasks.
Grafik symbolisiert Effizienz der TRONITY Fleet Flottemanagement-Lösung
Grafik symbolisiert Kostenüberblick mit der TRONITY Fleet Flottenmanagement-Lösung

Perfect cost overview

With TRONITY Fleet, every charging process is automatically recorded, including the charging rate. This not only makes reimbursement for private charging quick and easy. In combination with our driver logbook, it also provides a perfect overview of your operating costs.

Maximum security

TRONITY Fleet enables you to easily monitor the use of charging cards and detect potential misuse at an early stage. Additionally, the optional geo-fencing protects your vehicles against theft: if one of your vehicles leaves a predefined area, you will automatically receive a warning message and can react immediately.
Graphic explains fraud management with TRONITY Flee
Grafik symbolisiert Driver Engagement mit der TRONITY Fleet Flottemanagement-Lösung

Driver engagement

Logbook entries accomplished in a few seconds, easy reimbursement workflows – your drivers will love TRONITY, too. The simple installation process and the intuitive user interface of our driver app make the changeover as convenient as possible, even for non-digital natives.
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What our fleet managers say

Drivers and fleet managers agree: TRONITY Fleet is a real benefit for fleet management.
Logo Austing
Frank Vulhop
„Austing benefits from TRONITY through improved management in the areas of TCO, vehicle health and driver engagement. The combination of the Driver App and the Fleet solution enables us to optimize operating costs while improving driver experience and performance.“
Logo Mobility
Markus Hyler
Service Vehicle Fleet
„As Head of Service Vehicle Fleet at Mobility, I particularly appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of TRONITY. It enables us to record and reimburse our employees' charging costs. Every employee can charge at home, and TRONITY provides us with reliable data that allows for quick reimbursement. “
Logo Seefycar
Bernd Seefried
Managing Director
„TRONITY Fleet provides us at Seefried with valuable insights into TCO, vehicle health and driver engagement. This integrated approach helps us to manage our fleet more efficiently and effectively, with a direct impact on costs and driver satisfaction.“

Invest in the future of your fleet management

You want to introduce TRONITY Fleet in your company? Just give us a call! We will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.
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Are there any technical requirements to use TRONITY Fleet in my company?

TRONITY Fleet is 100% software-based. Unlike other providers, our fleet management solution does not require you to install any additional hardware in your vehicles.  The setup takes just a few minutes: Set up a fleet account, add drivers and vehicles, link the fleet account with the driver app and off you go.

What vehicle data is collected with TRONITY Fleet?

TRONITY fleet will show you the following data for each vehicle in your fleet:

- Mileage
- Battery status
- Energy consumption
- Charging processes
- CO₂ balance, including information on savings compared to a combustion engine 
- Trips made, including details of start and destination
- Vehicle location in real time

How does the reimbursement of private charging costs work with TRONITY Fleet?

All charging processes of a vehicle are automatically recorded in the charging diary of our driver app. When charging at private charging stations, the driver has the option of entering their private electricity tariff directly in the TRONITY app. So private charges are recorded precisely – an excellent basis for calculating flat-rate refunds.

Where does TRONITY obtain all the data and information it displays?

TRONITY obtains data from various sources:

- Via the vehicle's online connection (Connectivity Services), which enables access to vehicle data. The vehicle's access data is required for this..
- If an online connection is not available, data can also be maintained manually.
- Public and private databases for additional information such as charging infrastructure and traffic.
- User data, such as vehicle usage and personal preferences.
- Third-party APIs, e.g. from charging infrastructure providers and weather services. You can find detailed information in our privacy policy.

Is fleet management with TRONITY Fleet GDPR-compliant?

Yes, it is. Data is only transferred from the driver app to the fleet management system with the driver's explicit consent.

Is TRONITY Fleet compatible with all electric cars?

Almost :-) You can use TRONITY Fleet in conjunction with vehicles from the following manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Cupra, Dacia, DS, Fiat, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Tesla, Vauxhall, VW, VW ID, Volvo.

If vehicles from your fleet are not yet supported or there is no online connection, data can also be updated manually.

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