Reimbursement of private charging costs made easy

Your employees will love it: With TRONITY Fleet, you can easily and conveniently reimburse private charging costs - without a charging card, wallbox update or other bells and whistles.
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Reimbursement of charging costs as a corporate benefit

Your corporate benefit

Often asked for, rarely realised: Only very few employers offer their employees uncomplicated reimbursement of their private charging costs - with TRONITY Fleet, this is child's play.
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No hardware needed

Typical TRONITY: Our fleet solution is compatible with every standard wallbox on the market. You don't need any additional software, special charging cables or anything similar. All of your fleet's charging processes are recorded and saved directly via the TRONITY Driver App.
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Fraud excluded

With TRONITY Fleet, you can track every single charging process precisely. So you can be 100% sure at all times that you are only reimbursing the electricity that has actually flowed into one of your vehicles.

How it works

The reimbursement of private charging costs with TRONITY Fleet in three simple steps

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1 | Enter electricity rates

Private electricity rates for employees are centrally stored and documented in the TRONITY fleet solution. Dynamic electricity rates can also be represented.
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2 | Charge relaxed at home

Every private charging process of your employees is automatically recorded via the TRONITY Driver App.
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3 | Simple reimbursement

As a fleet manager, you receive a complete overview of all chargings and can conveniently arrange refunds at the end of the month.


Let's find out together how TRONITY Fleet can help you to simplify your fleet management.

From 8€ per month and vehicle

We offer the right service package for every fleet size. Whatever you choose: The TRONITY driver app is always included in the price.


Are there any technical requirements to use TRONITY Fleet in my company?

TRONITY Fleet is 100% software-based. Unlike other providers, our fleet management solution does not require you to install any additional hardware in your vehicles.  The setup takes just a few minutes: Set up a fleet account, add drivers and vehicles, link the fleet account with the driver app and off you go.

What vehicle data is collected with TRONITY Fleet?

TRONITY fleet will show you the following data for each vehicle in your fleet:

- Mileage
- Battery status
- Energy consumption
- Charging processes
- CO₂ balance, including information on savings compared to a combustion engine 
- Trips made, including details of start and destination
- Vehicle location in real time

How does the reimbursement of private charging costs work with TRONITY Fleet?

All charging processes of a vehicle are automatically recorded in the charging diary of our driver app. When charging at private charging stations, the driver has the option of entering their private electricity tariff directly in the TRONITY app. So private charges are recorded precisely – an excellent basis for calculating flat-rate refunds.

Where does TRONITY obtain all the data and information it displays?

TRONITY obtains data from various sources:

- Via the vehicle's online connection (Connectivity Services), which enables access to vehicle data. The vehicle's access data is required for this..
- If an online connection is not available, data can also be maintained manually.
- Public and private databases for additional information such as charging infrastructure and traffic.
- User data, such as vehicle usage and personal preferences.
- Third-party APIs, e.g. from charging infrastructure providers and weather services. You can find detailed information in our privacy policy.

Is fleet management with TRONITY Fleet GDPR-compliant?

Yes, it is. Data is only transferred from the driver app to the fleet management system with the driver's explicit consent.

Is TRONITY Fleet compatible with all electric cars?

Almost :-) You can use TRONITY Fleet in conjunction with vehicles from the following manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Cupra, Dacia, DS, Fiat, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Tesla, Vauxhall, VW, VW ID, Volvo.

If vehicles from your fleet are not yet supported or there is no online connection, data can also be updated manually.

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