THG -Quota

105 € THG Bonus Payment

Photo of a charging plug for charging an electric vehicle contributing to the greenhouse gas reduction (THG-Quote)
IMPORTANT: Only available in Germany

Earn money with your electric vehicle through the THG-Quota and get further TRONITY benefits

Earn money with your electric vehicle through the THG-Quota. You can find the current amount of the premium payment in the TRONITY App when you submit.
As a TRONITY member, you can easily add the vehicle registration document to your vehicle profile and confirm your participation in THG-Quota trading.
If you already are a TRONITY member, just complete the application form right away:TRONITY > Account > THG

Just a few steps to the bonus payment

So easy you can earn money with your electric vehicle and the THG-Quota

Icons to visualize the registration for the THG-quota certifications supported by TRONITY

1 | Create TRONITY account

Register with TRONITY and get access to your vehicle data.
TRONITY enables you to access, own and manage your electric vehicle data via software only – no hardware or modification on the vehicle is needed.
Icons to visualize the required documents of an electric vehicle when registering for THG certification of CO2 savings.

2 | Upload registration

The vehicle registration certificate (Fahrzeugschein) is required for participation.
You can upload the vehicle registration document as a photo and assign it to your vehicle. In addition, we need your bank details for payment of the bonus.
Icons for visualization of premium payment by TRONITY in case of certification for THG quota

3 | Check of vehicle data

We check if you are eligible with the given data and pay you the bonus as soon as your application and trading is confirmed.

Why do you receive money for your electric vehicle

Treibhausgasminderungsquote | THG

The German government has decided that drivers of electric vehicles actively contribute to reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the Treibhausgasminderungsquote (THG-Quota), your CO2 savings can be certified and sold to companies that are required to meet the defined quota.

Your benefits through TRONITY:

One part of the bonus is used to subsidize an annual TRONITY Professional subscription, which is reduced in order to provide you an attractive bonus bundle. We take care of the administrative procedures for the certification of your CO2 savings and the sale. As soon as your claim and sales are confirmed, we will pay the bonus directly to you.