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Our subscription models are just as transparent as our app. Choose the option that suits you best.


Free of charge
Your benefits
Your vehicle data is not recorded. However, you can manually enter your EV data including trips, charges and costs.
Manage multiple EVs.


monthly subscription per vehicle
Your benefits
Intelligent vehicle recording including trips, charges, vehicle conditions and vehicle information (availability depending on OEM).
Management of charging and maintenance costs.
Indication of range and battery degradation in the period of data recording.
Vehicle benchmarking within the TRONITY community to optimize your own vehicle use
Vehicle Diagnostics Report for a quick overview of the condition of your e-vehicle.
Personal support as well as access and free use of the TRONITY Platform.
Many other features such as TRONITY Teams, CO2 monitor and instant messaging integration. Convenient data export to MS Excel, including possibility for manual data correction.
Additional and future vehicle- and manufacturer-specific functions can be booked as an additional option at any time.


monthly subscription per vehicle
Your benefits
All TRONITY Premium features.
Digital driver's logbook in accordance with the requirements of the German tax authorities.
For tax: detailed report for company car trips to your workplace.
For your employer: Detailed overview on the use of private charging stations for easy reimbursement.
All future vehicle- and OEM-specific features as they become available.
Personal support as well as access and free use of the TRONITY Platform.
In TRONITY Premium sowie auch in TRONITY Professional ist der Persönliche Support sowie der Zugriff und die Verwendung von der TRONITY Platform für das eigene Fahrzeug kostenlos enthalten.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use TRONITY no matter which car I drive?

In our support area you will find a list of currently supported vehicles.

If your vehicle is not yet supported or no online connection is available, data can also be updated manually.

Important: Not all manufacturers / vehicles can display the same data.

What do I need to consider during installation?

If you want to use TRONITY, you don't need to install any hardware like OBD plugs or the like. All you need to do is register on our TRONITY platform, connect your vehicle and off you go.

Can I add and analyze my EV data offline?

Yes, in case of data connection interruption (e.g. at border crossings or poor internet connection from the car) vehicle data, trips as well as battery charges can be entered manually. How exactly this works, you can find out here.

Could not find an answer?

Visit our Help Center to find all questions, discussions and suggestions from our community.

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